How To Change Your DESTINY

how to change your life and destiny

Our life is as a result of the sum of our DAILY decisions.

  • Persist or give up? You’ve got to decide!
  • Stand out or fit in? Decide!
  • Stand up or stay down? It’s a decision.
  • Follow your heart or follow the crowd? You’ve got to decide!
  • Accept your current lifestyle or fight for a better one? Decide!
  • Learn from failures or be defeated by them? It’s a decision.
  • Start your own business or keep wishing for it? Decide and take action!
  • Love more or hate more? Yes! Even this starts with a decision.
  • Forgive or resent? Decide how you want to live.
  • Walk away or try harder? Make that decision!
  • Be a people pleaser or grow your character? Change starts with decisions!

Decisions are measured by ACTIONS. If there’s no action, you haven’t decided yet.

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So, how can we change destiny?

Changing your decisions will change your destiny!

Your decisions determine your destiny.

We start life shaped by our parents’ decisions — but we end our life looking like OUR decisions.

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