Why Highly Intelligent People Still Fail

I want to start a business but dont have money

This is an Orca whale.

It’s an incredibly powerful aquatic mammal.

It has such a reputation that it’s also known as a “killer whale.” It’s been documented that killer whales can kill great white sharks.

Yet, no matter how powerful Orcas are, these animals are completely powerless outside their natural habitat.

In a similar way, high IQ individuals trying to operate outside their area of gifting will turn out to be failures.

Trying to be someone outside your God-given gifts and talents is like a killer whale trying to “run” on a beach.

Death of IQ!

  • Shakespeare was a genius writer, NOT a painter.
  • Michelangelo was a genius sculptor, NOT a musician.
  • Beethoven was a genius composer, NOT an engineer.
  • Newton was a genius mathematician, NOT an actor.
  • What about you? What’s your area of gifting?
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Are you swimming in your natural habitat or dying trying to be someone you’re not?

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