How Do You Motivate Yourself Every New Year

how do you motivate yourself every new year

Do you need motivation to jumpstart 2021?

Here …

STOP relying on motivation to succeed!

Every successful person I know DIDN’T achieve success because of “motivation.”

Every successful person I know achieved success because of DISCIPLINE!

Like millions, I spent years searching for motivation, and motivation ALWAYS failed me.

That’s when I realized that I can’t live my life based on how I FEEL!

Motivation is a feeling, and like all feelings, motivation comes and goes.

STOP searching for motivation and start working on building the HABITS that will lead to your goals.

Only our daily habits will lead us to accomplishments, because when we do something habitually, we make DAILY progress — not occasional progress (based on motivation.)

Here’s your motivation KICK I promised:

Kick that unpredictable thing called “motivation” out of your life and start working on controlling yourself!

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