Should You Depend on Investment Advisor to Make Wealth?

Should You Depend on Investment Advisor to Make Wealth?

I opened the door to my financial advisor’s office.

Welcome, Mr. Hector! It’s wonderful to have you back. Can I serve you a glass with water?

“Yes, please,” I answered with a smile while sitting on a big fluffy chair.

“Sir,” I said to the elegant investment banker, “I’m ready to invest. Let’s get my money moving in Wall Street!”

He quickly showed me a bunch of investment funds. Meanwhile, I was still sipping at my glass of water while sitting on this fancy chair.

Somehow — this was making me feel like “royalty.” I felt good. I felt proud of myself.

As months went by, my investment results were mediocre.

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I called the guy. He invited me to a “private banking event.” They managed to make me feel like “royalty” again. With a bunch of graphs he convinced me to move my money out of that “mediocre” fund into another … and then another … and another …

It took me years to understand that THEY were making more money with MY money than me!


Because of my ignorance!

I “invested” my money with the financial institution because I didn’t know how to make money with my money!

Every time we moved my money around, he was making big commissions with MY money and I was taking all the risk!

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To answer the question question, should you depend on investment advisor to create wealth?

No! Either YOU take control of your money, or others will.

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