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Tough Situations You Will Face as an Entrepreneur

The worst year of my life… 2008

  • I was developing a 72 unit condo in a vacation area
  • With a huge pool at the roof top
  • Everything was done
  • Building permits
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Even pre-sales
  • I was happy

Then… while we were at the peak of our sales season

A Category 2 Hurricane passed through the vacation area

  • Complete devastation

The area was without power for several weeks

We lost a few pre-sales

  • As if things couldn’t get any worse
  • The 2008 Financial Meltdown destroyed my dream…
    • Took 100% of my investment money… lost everything
    • Took almost 3 years of my life invested into this project
    • Took my investors trust
    • Took my friends for money issues
    • Took my reputation
    • Took my pride
    • Took my joy
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The entrepreneurial life is not easy.

But this didn’t stop me.

Strangely… this is a way of life.

I can’t quit… I won’t quit.


As an entrepreneur… don’t expect one problem

I should add:

  • Tough Finances
  • Family Sacrifices
  • Depression and getting back up
  • Misunderstood and called crazy
  • Pains of failure
  • Execution problems
  • Bad partnerships
  • Deceived, tricked, robbed, backstabbed
  • etc… etc… etc…

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”



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