How To Achieve Your Set Goals

how to self discipline to achieve your goals
  1. Learn to think for yourself and act on it — don’t blindly follow the herd.
  2. Learn from people who have achieved great things — be humble, you don’t know everything.
  3. Take action despite your feelings — you don’t have to feel good all the time. This separates the great from the mediocre.
  4. Play to your strengths — being a jack of all trade is society’s broken ideal. Get great at one thing and you will be rewarded immensely.
  5. Be comfortable standing out — the predecessor of greatness is not fitting in. If you try to do what everybody else does, you will get what everybody else has.
  6. Make it clear what you want — ask for that raise, ask her out, go for what you want with somebody. Stop hiding your intentions. You would get rejected more often but you would also start getting what you want.
  7. Don’t give in to your excuses, your ego — the constant chatter that convinces you to eat the cake, slack-off, do the wrong things.

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