Are You Still Enroute the Old Way?


Today millions are working harder than ever before — yet becoming poorer each day.


Hard work ≠ Economic results anymore!

This doesn’t make sense, right?

We must URGENTLY understand that we live in a different economy.

Today we live in an economy based on abundance, NOT scarcity.

Abundance of goods and services.

Abundance of education.

Abundance of work opportunities.

Abundance of money.

This changes everything!

Why is inequality rising at such a staggering rate around the world?

Mostly because of this:

In today’s New Economy, your MINDSET is more important than your IQ.


I’ve been writing for years how ignorance will be the #1 source of poverty in the decades ahead.

What ignorance?

Ignoring how the VALUE OF WORK has changed and continues to change.

The biggest problem we have in the world today is finding millions of people expecting to keep doing the SAME things that worked for them in the past and expecting to get the same results they got before.

What worked yesterday will NOT work tomorrow!

Ignoring that simple fact WILL result in poverty — period!

Lack of CHANGE leads to inequality.

I encourage you to stop for 5 minutes and ask yourself, what do YOU need to change today? What do you need to learn today to make that change?

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