Do These 5 Things Daily To Become Wiser & Smarter

Do these 5 things daily to become wiser smarter

1· View your life as a series of projects. Here’s why:

  1. Most people view their life in terms of basic stages: College > Career > Marriage > Children > Old Age. There’s nothing wrong, but a lot of your potential will be left unrealized.
  2. Consider viewing your life this way: Internalize a habit > Learn a new skill > Create a prototype > Self-reflection > Experiment > Learn another skill. Or something similar. Your growth will be at least 3x faster than your peers. You can achieve so much more.
  3. Projects can be any work, craft or skills you want to work on. You can create individual or group projects. Pick something you’re interested in. It’s even better if the demand out there is huge.
  4. When I first worked on my side projects, I thought the biggest reward was to see the projects succeeding. Well, I had an even bigger reward – seeing myself grow. I hope you will have the same experience too.
  5. Being able to self-direct a project and work on it say a lot about yourself. Now, here’s the question: Are you willing to take action?

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