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What is your Identity?

When someone says your name, what do people think about?


That’s a great way of predicting your future success!

Don’t believe me?

If you ask this question and people don’t remember you for something outstanding, it means you’re a jack of too many trades. YOU MASTER NOTHING!

Examples, when we hear:

“Michael Jackson” — we think music.

“Tiger Woods” — we think golf.

“Michael Jordan” — we think basketball.

“Ayrton Senna” — we think Formula One.

So to answer your question, what are some ways to predict whether or not someone will be successful in the future?

The world is filled with general people. We can easily predictour success when we stop being general.

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Strive to become so good in one area until people can’t ignore you.

  1. Decide which niche you will become an expert in.
  2. Grow it until people can’t ignore you.
  3. Once you become so good in that area, deliver so much value to other people’s lives that they will be eager to pay you to perform it.



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