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Why Am I So Afraid of Failure?

You are NOT alone…

The truth is that most of us struggle with insecurities and can often feel paralyzed by fear of failure.

But, hey, cheer up…

You are not the problem, it’s our culture!

We ALL live surrounded by a culture of social judgments. This is why we ALL feel insecure and even so fearful of failure.

To answer your question, why am I so afraid of failure?

You DON’T fear failure, you fear the social judgment of failure.

See, we live in a world with the WRONG mindset.

From very young age, we grow up bombarded by a culture of judgments, where everything we do WRONG is highlighted, and what we do right is rarely celebrated.

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“Don’t touch that!”

“Don’t go there!”

“Don’t enter!”

“Don’t break any rules!”

“Don’t run!”

“Don’t say anything!”

Our broken educational system is CONTINUOUSLY judging us.

The catastrophe happens when they try to “standardize” human beings.

How in the world are they expecting us to fit the same “mold?” Like machines do? What’s wrong with these people?

That’s our broken and outdated industrial age mindset!

I was a terrible student. Believe me, I didn’t “fit” into my school’s standards. This destroyed my self-esteem. I grew up tagged as a “failure.”

It was incredibly painful.

It took me a many years to understand that I’m NOT a “standardized machine.”

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I’m FREE. I’m an entrepreneur. Today, I focus on my strengths, not on what my school was imposing on me.

My school was focused on my weaknesses, trying to “mold” me to meet their standards.


I realized that if I continued to focus on my weaknesses, I will be at the best “mediocre.”

This is tough, but when we’re focused on our weaknesses we will NEVER stand out!

So, my friend, if you want to stop your fear of failure, I encourage you to STEP OUT of that judgmental culture that is pulling you down.



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