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Great Business Idea for Teenagers

Are you ready to make more money than your teachers and your parents… combined?

Not so fast…

First you need to overcome the hundreds of EXCUSES you have in your brain.

  • I don’t have enough money
  • My business plan isn’t perfect
  • The timing just isn’t right
  • There’s too much competition
  • I don’t have the skills needed
  • It’s too difficult
  • My parents won’t support me
  • I don’t have time… waaa waaa waaa…

Come on! You’re a teenager, you don’t sleep at night anyway… so don’t tell me you don’t have time!

Okay, once you overcome all the negativity in your brain, dress nicely and get out of your house! Don’t forget to take your best friend with you…

… No, not that lazy friend you’think I’m thinking of… I’m talking about your smartphone!

Next, go to a shopping mall and visit EVERY single business… You’re searching for these kind of people:

Yes… your target market is un-up-to-date people!

Next, use this sales pitch, “Excuse me, Sir, how much business are you currently attracting from social media?”

“Huuuhhh,” the business dude will most likely say — that’s when you will see $$$$$ pass through your eyes!

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Seems like you’re still using traditional media for your marketing. Am I correct?”

“Huuuuhhh?” Now you got him!

Sir, what’s your current marketing budget? How effective do you find it? Are you happy with the results? How effectively are you reaching your target audience?”

“Huuuuhhh? Well, hmmm, let me think. Last month we spent $3,000 dollars on marketing,” he may say.


Okay… NO, don’t say that in front of him. You just think it and DO NOT show your excitement. Keep it cool!

“How many customers did that budget bring you last month? How are you measuring results?”

“Huuuuhhh? It’s not easy to say…”

“Sir, I know I’m a teenager, but I was born with this.” You show him your smartphone. “So, naturally, I’m an expert in social media. Are you aware that the trends are increasingly clear — attention is on these devices?”

You show this graph in your smartphone and say, “This trend won’t stop anytime soon. Would you like to start growing the social media presence of your business?”

“Huuuuhhh? But, but, I don’t even know what a hashtag is… what should I do?”


“Sir, that’s what I do. I can start proving you results with a fraction of your current marketing budget. You pay only for results. No results, you owe me nothing!”

“Huuuuhhh? For real?”

Now you got him!

Okay, now get to work… you’ve got the idea!

No money needed, no special hours, office or location to work, no degrees or fancy MBAs — JUST A PROBLEM TO SOLVE!

  • Manage their social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities.
  • Get creative! Help them develop relevant content to reach the company’s target customers.
  • Create, curate, and manage all digital content (images, video and written).
  • Monitor, listen and respond to the business customers in a way that cultivates leads for the company and ultimately lead to sales.

Your goal is to show results and build a long-term relationship and trust with your new clients.

Once you deliver results to one customer, repeat this process — the sky is the limit!



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