Nigeria’s First 100% Free Shopping Site Launched – LesGens


LesGens is Nigeria’s first 100% free shopping site, launched in July 1, 2017 by Ifeoluwa Oloruntuyi, a consultant, recording artist and now the Lead Strategist at LesGens.

According to Ifeoluwa; “We thought of how we can impact our society in the simplest way and came up with ‘LesGens‘ meaning ‘People’. We believe creating a better society is about helping one another climb to the top. Nobody can successfully pick his/her balloon in a balloon-filled room without helping others pick theirs first. A small act of kindness can make a big difference and no one has ever become poor by giving. We have therefore chosen to create an opportunity for everybody, anywhere, anytime, to give to other people whilst they can also receive”.

Ifeoluwa founder LesGens
Ifeoluwa Oloruntuyi, Lead Strategist at LesGens.

Although there are several online shopping sites in Nigeria that have been able to change shopping dynamics and have brought people closer to meeting their needs however, there have been NONE with a possibility of buying items at no cost. On LesGens, you can bid for any displayed item AT NO COST. Not only can you bid, you can also give out any item you consider no longer useful to you because another person out there might need it.

From clothing, household&office items, electronics, computers, phones, and foodstuffs to just anything, you can give them out or buy them all for free (no hidden charges, no stress). Our pride is that, we think about people first. Hence, anything on the site is 100% free.

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How To Shop On LesGens

  • Register and login
  • Browse through all products/services
  • Select what interests you
  • Share on your various social media sites as many times as possible
  • Wait for 3 days to know if you have the highest shares
  • Get notified of your win
  • Contact the giver
  • Receive your item

How to Give Items Out on LesGens

  • Register and login
  • Take a high resolution picture of item
  • Upload item on site
  • Wait for approval
  • Get notified of buyer/winner
  • Contact shopper/winner or get contacted by shopper/winner
  • Deliver item


Get started today by visiting LesGens on:

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