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How To Get Lots Of Customers Visiting Your Website

The essence of having a website is getting your prospective customers or audience to access the website else, it’s just going to be another “signboard” on the internet. A website that doesn’t have visitors/traffic is more or less irrelevant and shouldn’t be up at the first place. Many times these traffic of visitors are been converted via the blog on your website, hence it’s important your website has a blog (if you don’t have one, click here to get one now). There are certain ways through which your website can have lots of visitors or long term traffic. However, there are few ways in which the long term traffic for the content can be generated or maintained.

Here are they;

  1. Create evergreen content
  • Evergreen content is the content which has popularity and never gets fade with the time.
  • Evergreen content includes those content that will always have interest.
  • For identifying the evergreen topics, all you have to do is to take a close look at the blog posts that have been published in the past and check whether it is still having traffic.
  • The keywords do play an important role in evergreen content as it is a way of organic search especially for those who are not actively promoting the content.
  1. Use content that you can advertise
  • Using the right keyword will increase the traffic for organic search, but by using this you should not stop there.
  • Your content still needs high traffic which you can get only by advertising it.
  • You can also use websites like Quora, that shows you what questions does your keyword answers when people do a search.
  • Thus, signing up in Quora is a great method of direct advertising.
  1. Make your content shareable content
  • While researching evergreen topics, always be sure that your content will be shareable with others.
  • You should always get images that are relevant to your posts.
  • There are many tools through which visitors can share your posts on social media.
  • Another popular tool is Ivy by Filament, in this tool readers can highlight certain parts of your content and share it to social media networks or through emails.
  1. Make sure your site loads fast
  • If your site takes a lot of time to load then your bounce rate will be very high. Make sure your site doesn’t take much time to load.
  • Your pages should always be technically optimized as possible including, image file sizes, page structure and much more.
  • If your sites take time to load then traffic cannot be generated as per your need.
  • The faster your site loads, the better traffic will you get.
  1. Be active on social media
  • You need to actively participate on social media sites. It’s not enough to share the content on social media. You should actively participate on social media.
  • You should join group discussions with relevant hashtags.
  • Always try to answer the questions and engage with your readers.
  • Nowadays, social media has become a broadcast channel.
  • Thus, try to be active on social media as it will help you to interact with your customers.
  1. Re-design, Re-share, and Re-publish
  • Try to implement 3R’s in your website i.e., Re-design, Re-share and Re-publish.
  • With the help of these 3R’s your content doesn’t just go live on your blog but also will go live in multiple formats across the web.
  • For e.g; you can turn keywords from your content into slides and can upload them to SlideShare. You can also upload slide show as a video on YouTube.
  • You can also control your content on relevant publications such as social media topics.
  • These 3R’s will allow you to gain new exposure for your content on different networks.
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If you follow the above 6 tips mentioned in this article, you will be on the way in which your content may have traffic to your websites. These methods will make your posts work for you even after they have been published. Also, some of these methods might take weeks, months or even years before providing substantial results. Therefore, if you invest in few of these strategies then you will put yourself in the best position to succeed. All of the above-mentioned points will help your content receive long-term traffic and customer visits.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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