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How To Learn ANYTHING!

How to learn anything - SME Digest
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I remember when I crashed my mom’s car.

My dad told me multiple times, “Son, roads are very slippery when wet; you must slow down!”

I ignored him.

Frequently my father showed me how to drive in rainy conditions. “Son, observe how slippery the roads are when raining. Feel how the car slides around when I go faster than I should.”

I ignored him.

Finally the day came when I found myself driving alone in rainy conditions. My dad had told me and showed me multiple times how I should drive on wet roads.

Yet, I ignored him.


Yes, I crashed.

Sadly, this was how I finally learned how to drive in rainy weather.

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The best way to learn is not by listening or by observing how things are done; we best learn by doing!

Experience is our best teacher.

My father gave me the theory, he even demonstrated to me how to do it, yet, it was not until I experienced it that I fully learned the lesson.

If you really want to learn something, get out there and Start Doing.

Believe me, you WILL learn…

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