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Your Attitude about Sales Can Change Your Sales

Have you ever stopped and examined your attitude about sales? About having to be a salesperson?

When someone asks you what you do for a living, are you embarrassed to say you’re in sales? Do you find that demeaning?

I used to. I used to harbor a belief that I was better than being just a salesman.

For years, I was waiting to go back to school to get my graduate degree so I could start my real life. See, I was smarter, better, had more to offer than just “sales.”

My real attitude was that sales was a pushy occupation for people who couldn’t do anything else. I could always feel the underlying frustration from someone trapped in a job they didn’t like-sales.

Weird to say, but that’s how it seemed to me too. I was better than what I was forced to be doing for a living.

And I didn’t know I felt that way until my manager challenged me to examine my attitude about sales.

And that’s when I also realized that my attitude was costing me the success I so dearly wanted.

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My attitude was holding me back from excelling and enjoying this profession.

And that’s when I reframed what I was doing. I embraced sales as a profession-not just a temporary “job.”

I realized that as a sales professional, I was in a unique position to help a lot of people.

As a sales professional, I could fulfill an essential position in the business world and help companies and people grow and get the things they needed to excel and lead better lives.

And once I realized the value-the true value of being a sales professional-my attitude changed, and I committed to being a top producer in my company.

Oh-and I also realized that as a top performing sales professional, I had the ability to make far more money, and provide a much better life for my family than I could if I went back to school to become a (whatever).

Plus, I’d enjoy better hours, have more vacation time, drive better cars, enjoy a better retirement, etc.

Once I changed how I felt about sales, I was able to commit fully, apply myself totally, and experience unimagined success and fulfillment.

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I’ve made millions in sales, had great times, provided for my family and given them the best life, and met and worked with-and helped-thousands of people.

But I almost missed it-because I never stopped to examine my underlying attitude about sales. Never stopped to see what was holding me back from attaining the success I saw others attain.

But then I did; I changed my attitude, and I embraced this wonderful profession.

And I’ve lived the best life.

I hope that today, you will take some time and examine your own beliefs about sales.

And that, while you’re in this wonderful profession, you’ll give it your all; you’ll choose to be the best at it you can be-before you move on and try something else.

If you do, you may find-like me and other top sales professionals-that you’re already in the profession that can enable you to live your best life.

And that’s sales.

by Mike Brooks

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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