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1000 Ways To Sell Your Products/Services

Are you sticking to just one way of selling your products/services?

Don’t be surprised, there are over a thousand ways you can sell same products/services you are offering right now, but you are not harnessing them, and guess what… you’re loosing out serious income from those ways.

Those who succeed in business are those who understand this.

Quite often, you have to keep figuring out and exploring new ways of selling.

Some ways work better than others.
Some ways sell in more quantities than others.
Some ways require that you give some revenue share to a partner. 
Some ways require that you just have a good record of good performance.
Some ways require that you reduce the offer price.
Some ways require that you execute faster.
Some ways require that you modify the usual processes.
Some ways require that you collect money ahead; while others pay you later on.

Here’s a simple example: Nkemji launched a small business that is focused on training and capacity development for small businesses.

Here are list of 10 ways that she sold her training services in the last half of the year:

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1. One-on-one two-hour training for business owners

2. Physical three-hour training for employees of small businesses

3. She records simple 30-minutes trainings and sell online

4. She partners with SME-focused institutes to  become a faculty and teach at their institutes.

5. She partners with owners of training facilities to organize trainings and split the revenues

6. She runs teenage boot-camps and teaches young people on basic entrepreneurship.

7. She runs free advisory sessions in her church for business owners. One of ten people who come to see her, buy a paid service.

8. She joins the women community in her bank, actively contributes on the WhatsApp group. She offers them discounted services.

9. She partnered with secondary schools to teach entrepreneurship once in a month.

10. She partnered with a driver recruitment agency to teach soft skills to drivers.

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You just must keep thinking, critical thinking, launching new ways and sticking with the ones that yield the most results.

You cannot launch a business and stick to only one way of selling. You must keep exploring new ways of selling.

Guess what? – as you keep exploring, you keep finding newer ways, ways that you never even thought about.

Remember, the idea never comes out fully formed. It keeps evolving.

Here is a secret: Give yourself enough time to think. Grab that sheet and write. Make out time to sit alone, think and build your list of newer ways to sell. Make out more time to ask friends/family to help you with suggestions.

Most business owners do not give themselves that ‘special thinking time’, Unknown to many, it is honestly the time when you win.

Yes, there are 1000 ways to sell your offering. It never runs dry. Critical thinking is however required.

by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, CEO

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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