That Habit that Led to a Significant Positive Change in My Life

That Habit that Led to a Significant Positive Change in My Life

I’m on a “digital diet!

Results? Amazing!

We are the most distracted generation in history!

I was having serious problems.

This was my screen at any given moment:

  • SMS Alerts
  • iMessage Alerts
  • eMail Alerts
  • Quora Alerts
  • WhatsApp Alerts
  • Calendar Alerts
  • ToDo Alerts
  • Working? Distracted
  • Driving? Distracted
  • At home? Distracted
  • With my kids? Distracted
  • With Friends? Distracted
  • At a meeting? Distracted
  • Trying to read? Distracted
  • In the restroom? No way!


Who me? No way!


Okay, okay … distracted!

Incredible, but even in the restroom I was distracted! Completely overwhelmed with all kinds of alerts every single hour of the day.

I needed to do something about it!

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To my surprise, it takes less than 5 seconds to solve this.

How did I do it?

With this little icon:


It works!

Find it here on an iPhone (iOS 11):

But as everything in life, it can’t be that easy, right?

It takes commitment to go against all of our “digital addicted” senses.

That’s why I’m calling it “Digital Diet.”

Nobody likes diets but the benefits are worth the discipline and hard work it takes.

Attention is the most valuable asset in the world today. Either you take control of it or someone else will!

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