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The Best Skill Every Successful Business Person Has

Usually, people are MONEY-chasers, like the cheetah in this 20 second video:

3 Vital Skills Needed to Become Successful as an Entrepreneur

It's not ONLY about your skills... I'll tell you why... But first... here are 3 critical skills needed to...

Skills You Should Empower Yourself With During the Lock-down Covid-19 Times

What is the essence of this long lock-down holiday without becoming better and more empowered? So many are complaining within this period,...

Why Youths Should Acquire Skill for Self Employment and Entrepreneurship –...

Says 20.9m Nigerian youths unemployed The need for self employment and entrepreneurship development amongst Nigerian youths came to...

25 Youths Benefit from Total’s Entrepreneurship/Skills Acquisition Programme

Total Exploration & Production (E&P) Nigeria Ltd, has graduated 25 entrepreneurs as part of its efforts to fight against poverty and unemployment, through capacity...

Skills, Behaviours that Make Entrepreneurs Succeed – Akintunde Oyebode

It is common knowledge that being an entrepreneur is no easy task. It takes a host of skills which are centered on dedication, resilience...

6 Skills of Self-Made Millionaires You Should Start Using ASAP

// Heed the advice of those who have reaped success. Here are six skills used by self-made millionaires that you...

BOI Organises Vocational Skills Competition

The Bank of Industry, in partnership with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) is organizing a Vocational Skills Competition to support and promote...