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Why Your Business Need Marketing Despite Having a Great Product/Service

In Ancient China, there was a curse

It’s: “May you live in interesting times.”


Because in interesting times, too many things are competing for people’s attention.

In interesting times, people are distracted, and you need A LOT more in order to be noticed.

How is this relevant to Marketing?

Imagine this:

You’re in the middle of a football stadium.

All around you, thousands of people are yelling at the top of their lungs.

Your eardrums are exploding.

You feel irritated.

Your eyes are barely open.

In such an environment, would you notice if near you there was a good product or service?

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Too much noise. Too many distractions.

We are living in such a business environment, today.

And with the internet, that stadium is filled with 8 billion people yelling too loud.

These are more than interesting times. We live in a time of overwhelm.

This means — without marketing, nobody will even know your product exists.

Without marketing, nobody will even try your product to know whether it is any good.

Then, you will be sitting in front of your stockpile of products, with tears running down your eyes, going bankrupt just because this modern noise has drowned out your voice.

Marketing is what we use to cut through the clutter.

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Marketing is what we need for the right people to know that your good product exists and what makes it good in the first place.

That’s the power of Marketing.

And that’s why a good product or service is NOT enough.



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