How do I compete with businesses that can offer similar products/services at a lower cost?


Think about drinks, how many options do we have?

How do companies compete in such a competitive market?


According to business insider, approximately 94% of the world population is aware of the red & white logo of Coca-Cola.

How does Cola-Cola stay ahead of the crowd?

Coca-Cola focuses on selling an abstract positive concept such as happiness, family, and sharing, rather than attempting to sell a drink.

Most of their marketing efforts are focused on the experience and the lifestyle associated with its brand, rather than the soda.

Colca-Cola sells “happiness” in a bottle.

competing with big brands - coca cola

We find a similar strategy with Red Bull.

Red Bull’s is NOT focused on promoting an energy drink, but on creating a brand that represents the energy-packed lifestyle that their audience loves.

So, to answer your question, how do I compete with businesses that can offer similar products/services at a lower cost?

You need a differentiation strategy.

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Stop focusing your sales efforts on the “commodity” you’re trying to sell, focus on what your product delivers to your customers, and make this the focus of your marketing efforts.


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