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The 10 Commandments of Business & Finance

1. Thou shall understand that God does not give money.

Deut 8:18

God does not give money. God gives power or ability. Power means ideas, concepts or innovations. Stop praying for money. Rather, pray for ideas.

2. Remember that finances will never flow to a lazy man.

You must do something for God to bless you. 

Pro 26:13-16- Characteristics of a lazy man.

4 core things businesses must imbibe:

A. Not be afraid of taking risks

B. You can’t do business and be lethargic. Agility is key to business. Adapt and survive.

C. Business involves inconvenience at times. If you want to rise, be ready to leave your comfort zones.

D. You must listen to sound counsel to improve.

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3. Honour your relationships because you will never go farther than them.

Treat people well. We pray for God to bless us and he sends relationships as the answer to prayers.

4. Thou shall have a mentor.

Your success is buried in the wisdom of another man. 

There’s someone who has done what you’re doing right now- maybe not in the exact format. You’ll see farther if you stand on the shoulder of others.

5. Thou shall have a product, service or knowledge to offer.

Identify a need before you set up a business. Don’t set up a business and start looking for needs.

6. Thou shall know that money is a reward for getting something done.

If you play well, people will pay you well. When you do business, ensure you add value. You won’t command the best if you’re not the best. Value is determined by the demand for that thing.

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Your business should never remain at the rudimentary stage. There must be constant improvements.

7. Thou shall understand the seed principle. 

Everything big started small. 

It’s not a sin to start small. Success is not overnight but overtime.

8. Thou shall embrace learning and training.

Educate your ignorance. Get financially literate. Learn, relearn and unlearn.

9. Thou shall have multiple streams of income.

What will happen to you if your current income stream is blocked?

10. Thou shall cultivate a savings habit. 

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