Everything Seems Over-saturated! How do I find my niche as an Entrepreneur?

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“It’s not soap. It’s Dove!”

Wait … Stop!

What do you mean it’s NOT soap?

Ahh, come on. It’s soap. Don’t tell me it’s NOT!

Now take this example to better answer your question. How do you make a niche in the soap industry?

Soap is a perfect example of an over-saturated market. So here’s the Dove case study:

David Ogilvy was a genius British marketer who was known as the “Father of Advertising.”

Ogilvy was the creator of the Dove campaign.

Now, look at this genius marketer “carving” his niche in a saturated market. With a simple sentence, he was able to stand out from the saturated soap market, while STILL selling the product to the exact same consumers of the soap industry.

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“It’s not soap; it’s Dove!”

Ogilvy’s campaign positioned Dove as a moisturizer which also happened to clean like a soap.

Genius, isn’t it?

So, to answer your question, how do I find my niche as an entrepreneur? It seems like everything is over-saturated.

Your job is NOT to find a niche.

Your job is to create one!

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