4 Steps To SELL Everything!

How to sell anything
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You can’t give someone something if you don’t know what that is. Many marketers don’t do their research to know what their market wants. What are your prospects goals, dreams, pain and problems?

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • What problems are they trying to get rid of?
  • What outcomes and goals do they want?

You also must know how to effectively communicate to them on how your solution will help them get what they want. You can’t just tell people what you have and expect them to buy.

We are bombarded by various advertising and have become very efficient at filtering most of it out. There are thousands of other programs and products that are making the same claims you are, so you have to get very good at selling.

You will never be successful financially if you don’t know how to sell. This simple 4 step formula is for selling anything and everything. This is not a new concept and will work for anyone as long as you apply it.

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1. Grab Attention

We are bombarded with over 3000 commercial messages every day. From Facebook posts, email, TV commercials, billboards, flyers in the mail, etc. Since we are good at filtering most of this out, you must grab their attention and pull them in with headlines, titles, and subject lines.

Pull them in by making your headlines curiosity provoking. People only pay attention to what piques their curiosity. Just look at your own email inbox and make note of which ones grab your attention and stand out.

2. Interest

Once you have their attention, you must keep it! Get them engaged and have some kind of interesting open by expanding on your headline.

These first 2 steps are not difficult, but the next 2 are a little bit more complex. You must really know and understand your market here.

3. Desire

In order to make the sale, you must appeal to their desires. Know what it is people want, and then clearly show them the benefits of your product or services that will help them achieve what they want, or get rid of the problem they don’t want.

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4. Action

Tell people what to do. Be very clear with your call-to-action. Don’t expect them to figure it out on their own. At the end of your post, email or video, tell them exactly what to do next. Make it super easy for them.

Our brains are over loaded and we are constantly trying to multi-task. Most people will have many distractions going on, that you don’t even know about, so be very clear in this step.

Every sale’s process can be summed up in this very simple formula. Selling will be a lot easier and simpler for you if you diligently follow these 4 steps.

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