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Lagos State to Launch ‘Register-to-Open Initiative’ for Businesses

In an effort to fully open the economy of Lagos State, the Governor, Sanwo-Olu has announced an initiative called ‘Register-to-Open‘ for businesses in other sectors such as the restaurant business, event centres, entertainment, malls and cinemas.

These businesses will go through a form of re-registration and space management whilst officials from Lagos State Safety Commission and Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) would visit these places including religious organisations, to ascertain their level of readiness. A regulation will be introduced to supervise this move.

All of these is to ensure that these businesses begin to tune themselves to the reality of COVID-19 with respect to how their workspace need to look like.

The Governor’s release on his social media page, reads thus;

Dear Lagosians,

As we prepare to open more businesses and other sectors of our economy, I will like to announce the soon to be launched Register-to-Open initiative. 

The Register-to-Open initiative will be monitored by the Lagos State Safety Commission and LASEPA to assess the readiness of businesses in the identified sectors for supervised operations. 

We are at a level where we are reviewing other arms of the economy. We want these businesses to begin to tune themselves to the realities of #COVID19 with respect to how their spaces need to look to reopen with a strict process for monitoring and space management. 

We are still in the process of reviewing and considering how the phased unlocking will happen. The length this will take will determine on the level of compliance and the level of conformity to our guidelines that we see.

I am also happy to inform you that all staff of the State House that contracted #COVID19 have fully recovered and have tested negative.

I want to reiterate that moving around without a mask and failing to observe other public health guidelines puts you and your family at risk.

Everyone residing in Lagos must collectively #TakeResponsibility for public health safety. I enjoin banks and markets to strictly enforce order in their premises. It is imperative that we do not take the easing of the lockdown for granted.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are unhappy with the level of compliance by yellow buses and inter-state travel. We are seeking collaboration with the Ogun State government and the police to ensure obedience on this directive.

We must do better at complying with the guidelines on #EasingTheLockdown. They are in place for our benefit. They are not a form of punishment. We don’t want to have to use force to drive compliance. We must learn to be self-compliant.

I want to also thank everybody that used the Whistleblower Hotline. The encouraging feedback and incident reporting has helped us drive compliance in places of business. 

With everyone doing the right thing, we will get through this.

Remember to always #TakeResponsibility



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