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If You’ll Be Successful, This is an Indication…

What is the best indicator of a person who will become successful one day?

You are on your way to the airport.

It’s the first time this year that you are going on an actual holiday.

You booked the ticket months in advance, and have been preparing for this trip for weeks.

Today is finally the day on which you leave.

You arrive at the airport earlier than you need to, get your luggage checked in and are in front of the gate, ready to go, 2 hours in advance, when you hear this over the announcement:

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“Flight 206 to Paris has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience. Have a nice day.”

Your heart sinks into your chest.

That was your flight.

You lean back in the chair you were sitting in, stare up at the ceiling and take a deep breath.

Then you pull out your cell phone, grab your carry-on and start walking.

On your way to the information desk you check various’ other flights, check hotels in the area, and when you get to the information desk you ask about alternative, last-minute routes.

Within 20 minutes you have an alternative booked, you have gotten your ticket refunded, and are ready to go.

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This is the difference between those that will reach success and those that won’t.

The key indicator of those that will be successful later is that they do not let their situation stop them.

They find a way, they are solution oriented, and will act a hundred times more often than they will complain.

Stop complaining about your situation and stop focusing on the problem. And look at what you can do now instead.



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