Signs That You Are Wasting Your Time in Life

signs to know you are wasting your time in life

Watch out for them; these are the signs that you are not just wasting your time but also wasting your life and I trust you don’t want that. We’ve got just one life to live and must be lived deliberately and lived WELL!

What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

· You compare yourself with the world and try to be someone else rather than being your authentic self.

· You stay in comfort zone most of the time.

· You spend too much time on social media and stalk people whom you don’t know.

· You rely on others for opinions about yourself.

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· You don’t have goals in life or aren’t working hard enough to achieve it.

· You aren’t enjoying little moments in life and making memories with friends and family.

· You get distracted easily and have continuous unproductive days.

· You aren’t learning something new, meeting new people or travelling to new places.

· You are overthinking every little thing in life. You overthink but get done very little.

· You are so afraid of your future that you miss the beauty of the world around you at the moment.

· You get jealous of successful people rather than being motivated by them.

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· You spend money recklessly on useless things.

· You aren’t confident enough to do what you want to do, speak what you want to speak and have what you want to have in your life.

· You gossip a lot about others rather than focusing on yourself.

· You are waiting for the right moment to start living your life the way you want.

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