How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

how to think like an entrepreneur
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When can we say that one has an entrepreneurial mindset?

This is an Entrepreneurial Mindset:

1. Stand out, STOP trying to fit in.

2. Invest your time, STOP selling your time.

3. Invest your money, STOP spending money.

4. Focus on working smarter, NOT harder.

5. Be a producer, NOT consumer.

6. Use business debt, NOT consumer debt.

7. Sell more, buy less.

8. Invest in knowledge, NOT worthless degrees.

9. Improve your soft skills, STOP obsessing about your technical skills.

10. Read, turn OFF Netflix!

11. Invest your money, STOP saving cash!

12. Focus on your business, NOT on other people’s businesses.

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13. Hire people, STOP working for people.

Can you think any other key traits of entrepreneurial thinking?

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