What Skills Do You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

skills you need to be successful entrepreneur

I remember my father opposing my dream to start my business.

“Hector, you can’t do it. You’re too young and lack experience. You will fail!”

“Okay, I probably can’t do it alone dad, but you could always guide me!” I debated.

“No Hector! You’re a student. You must graduate before you walk into the business world. Starting your business is a BAD idea!”

“Dad, remember how I learned swimming? Did you teach me swimming in the water or outside the water? I can still remember you throwing me into the water! I hated it! I was so scared and you helped me overcome those fears!”

“Yes, I remember,” he said.

“Can you find any difference with how we learn entrepreneurship? College will NEVER teach me this. I learn by doing! I believe this is no exception, to learn entrepreneurship I must live through the process!” I said.

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“You must finish your college before you get started! College is your insurance to the future!” he demanded.

Thankfully, I disobeyed him and eventually started my journey..

To answer your question:

  • Which skills? Every skill must be focused towards this core principle:
    • Be customer centric!
    • Give your customers what they want, listen to them and serve them with all your heart.
    • Get started!
    • NEVER stop learning!
    • Surround yourself with positive people.
    • You will learn the skills living through the process.

It’s impossible to become an expert “swimmer” without getting wet!
Entrepreneurship is an art, not a science!

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