How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goal

how to stay motivated to achieve your goal

How do I stay motivated?

Step 1.

Can you see that black Dot in middle of the paper? Yes, the one which is surrounded by many tiny dots.

Try concentrating on that black dot for 5 mins.

Step 2.

Now remove all those tiny dots from that paper as shown below.

Concentrate on black dot again.

Noticed anything?

In step 2, your concentration became smoothed and easy as there was nothing to distract you. Unlikely in step 1, your focus was getting distracted by tiny dots.

Similarly in life,

1.) The Black dot is your goal.

2.) Useless small dots are distraction towards your goal.

You want to stay motivated?

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Remove all those unproductive dots from your life and stay focused on your goal!

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