[Apply Now] Flutterwave International Women’s Day Grant 2021

flutterwave internationa womens day grant for africa 2021

If you are a man reading this, don’t feel bad. It’s international women’s month and a season of opportunities for women. Hehe….

So here it is;

Flutterwave just launched an annual International Women’s Day grant which will be open during International Women’s Day and will award 7 women-led businesses with US$2500 each in addition to providing training and mentorship programmes.

The Benefits include;

A US$2500 grant Free video content creation support and online visibility, through paid and organic channels. Access to an exclusive group where winners will be trained and mentored through office hours by the best entrepreneurs in their fields. Mentors will be selected from 7 countries, covering Technology, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations, Investment, etc.

Selection Criteria

The award will target businesses in the following countries:

South Africa

Other Selection Criteria

  • Women-led business: Women who own small businesses are 43% more likely than men to be concerned about limited access to money affecting their companies.

  • Viable and sustainable business: We aim to support businesses that have been in operation for less than 3 years, with a strategy for sustainability and have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 employees to qualify.

  • New & Already existing Flutterwave Merchants: The prize money will be paid into the winner’s Flutterwave Account. This means that every participant should own a Flutterwave account. It’s never too late.

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Application deadline

Application ends April 9th, 2021. 

Prize Announcement

Winners will get a notification within 2 weeks of the application’s closing date. 

To Apply; click HERE

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