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I did this thread on my twitter handle – @AbbeyTunji recently and thought to share it here as it has impacted a whole lot of entrepreneurs.

So let’s do this…


ME: What are you selling?

STELLA: I sell makeup products 

ME: No, no no. You’re not selling makeup products. You’re selling Beauty, Admiration, you’re selling transformation. You’re selling Exclusive Stunning on your wedding day or birthday. 

ME: What are you selling?

TONY: I sell properties, land, houses. 

ME: No no no Tony. You’re selling Future Investment, you’re selling Ego, you’re selling Inheritance for their children, you selling peace of mind and no Landlord disturbance. 

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ME: What are you selling?

LUCY: I’m selling cakes. 

ME: no naaaaa. Lucy, you’re selling a yummy unforgettable experience to your customer’s wedding, birthday. You’re selling children’s happiness and buoyancy amidst their colleagues. 

ME: What are you selling?

AMANDA: I sell ladies clothes and shoes 

ME: This is what you’re selling Amanda, you’re selling Trendy, classy, you’re also selling ego, do you get?

ME: What do you sell

ADE: I’m a website designer

ME: No. What you do is, you give businesses more visibility and chances for more patronage. You make businesses known globally. You make them trust worthy for their prospects to patronize them. 

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ME: What are you selling?

YOU: ______________________

Until you understand this, you’ll only just be a mediocre sales person, selling just few of your products/service yearly. 

People don’t buy your product, they buy the value which your product gives them. 


Let them start seeing this and BOOM!!! Shoot your sales up. 

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