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Think You’re Too Small To Compete? – Small Business SEO

No matter how small your business is, you’re not too small for SEO. Online competition may be fierce but search engine optimization can help you look bigger (if that’s what you want) and most of all, it can help you get in a position to receive new customers. SEO design can also help you to look like the right site to potential customers who are searching the web for answers or help. People trust search engines to help them make important decisions so regardless of your size, you should try to use this fact to your advantage. Even solo entrepreneurs can get listed as the top source in the search engines for the service or product they want to sell.

Some small businesses are afraid to invest in online optimisation. But those who take the time to find the right services and the right experts can see a dramatic increase in how much traffic their site gets and how many real leads or additional sales they start to receive. Depending on the type of business you have, the right SEO strategy could even help you put your business on autopilot.

Here are some things that need to be considered when you try to optimise your site, whether you’re a large conglomerate or are a small company looking to get found in Google:

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Regardless of which industry you are in, there are dozens of potential keyword phrases you could target. Yes, some of the top keywords for the business could already have stiff competition but there may be some great phrases with less competition that you could target. Get listed in the top spot for a few of them and you could begin to see a steady stream of traffic. The more lesser searched phrases you rank for, the better positioning you’ll also get on the higher searched phrases as well. Keyword research is important. Look beyond the obvious ones, especially if you’re in a highly competitive niche.

Local Presence

If you’re a smaller business and you cater to a local audience, there are local SEO techniques that could help you carve out a great online presence. Local SEO techniques can help you not only get found on search engines but get listed on maps and be more likely to get found by people using their mobile to find a business in their area. The internet is a great big sea but search engines also cater to those looking for help finding a product or service provider in their own back yard. A number of optimisation techniques can be used to help your business get found by locals.

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Reputation & Referrals

SEO techniques don’t just put your site front and centre for basic industry keywords. Techniques can be used to demonstrate the fact that you’ve got a great reputation, too. When prospective buyers are looking at their options, they don’t simply look for the first listing of many. They often dig deeper to find out about reputation for several companies. There are great referral powers used online as well. An SEO company can help a small business get referrals through many methods.

Web Design

Once you’re getting listed in search engines and have developed a strong online brand, you’ll want a great web design that will help you convert those visitors into new clients. This is another area where SEO can pay off. Optimised websites aren’t just optimised for SERP listings. They’re also optimised for maximum results so that people don’t merely pop onto your site and then bounce away. A good SEO company will help you attract and convert.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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