Marketing Lessons from The Tinder Swindler

Marketing lesson from the tinder swindler

Yesterday I saw the much-touted Netflix documentary on Simon Leviev, The Tinder Swindler.

 I couldn’t but marvel at how the dude scammed the women he proclaimed to love. 

As humans it is pertinent be honest in our dealings with one another.

 One of the women Simon scammed, Cecilie Fjellhøy had to get psychiatric help after she loaned him money from over ten banks.

As a visibility strategist, my mind went to work and dug out a few marketing tips. 

He packaged himself as a desirable product

Simon knows anyone would be drawn to his luxury lifestyle. He lied about being a billionaire’s son and everything on his instagram captures that lie. He was always dressed in designer outfits, sitting inside private jets, while swindling women

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Some people in business hardly share content about the problem their product or service solves. For a business to succeed, you must not joke with your marketing.

2. He sold them the ‘Ultimate dream’

The ultimate dream in marketing means coming up with the dream and the secret desires of your customer. Take for instance when a dude buys a Patek Philippe wrist watch, it isn’t just because he wants to keep track of time. It is a luxury product that shows that he is rich and a status symbol.

In this case Simon was very clear about the women’s ultimate dream. He knew they wanted love, desired to get married and have children. He constantly sold this to them in his messages to them

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 Consistently amplifying the benefits of using your product/service will make you the preferable one in your niche.

More lessons to come

(c) Kehinde Ajose

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