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7 Ways to Create Wealth by Just Using Your Mind

No Money in Your Wallet, Doesn’t Mean “No Money in Your Head”

We‘re always brainstorming ideas, yet we frequently find ourselves with limited resources to execute our “extraordinary” dreams — don’t we?

Believe me, I know everything about the “no-money” mindset. For years I struggled with this painful scarcity in my head.

It took me multiple years to realize that this “no-money” mindset was just another excuse to avoid failure. Ultimately, I was evading taking accountability for my entrepreneurial success. Since removing my excuses, I’ve run several profitable businesses.

I remember how I found myself regularly absorbed by the “blaming-game” in my brain:

“I hate it, we’re forever stuck in this bad economy, when will this change?”

“It’s impossible to compete in this marketplace, those competitors don’t play by the rules!”

“My professors don’t teach the class correctly. I don’t understand anything!”

“My parents don’t support my dreams, how can I ever do this alone?”

We’ve got to be careful when we fall into these victim-thoughts. I discovered that these are very commonly a subconscious state of mind. These excuses become the perfect way to justify society and the world around us, our failure to overcome the challenges in life.

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