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Major Challenges Facing Email Marketing & How to Overcome Them

One of the major challenges of email marketing revolves around rejection/spam rate of the emails by the customers email program, negatively affecting the delivery rate of the emails. This has somewhat been eliminated with the idea of Double Opt-in emailing, where the customer has to confirm his email address after entering it in the offer page, this eliminates the idea of receiving fake and non-functioning emails Ideally maintaining the health of our emails.

Another challenge faced with Email marketing is Getting New Subscribers as you know quite well that the larger your email subscribers the better. Getting enough subscribers to joining your list is very important and this can be overcome by clearly stating the benefits they stand to get to your customers. Having a clear value proposition will help in answering the key concerns people have before hitting that opt-in or subscribe button. Maybe youre providing meaningful product updates or giving special offers that arent available anywhere else online. Remember to always grow your email list organically instead of buying subscribers. You could promote the email subscription on your website by launching a sidebar opt-in box. You could also add a signup button at the end of your posts. Offering an incentive like a free trial or sample in exchange for subscriptions is another solution.

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Increasing Open Rates is another challenge that is faced with Email marketing. For some reasons or the other, people always feel reluctant to open promotional mails but then, this can be sorted out by focusing on writing eye-catching email subject lines because its the first thing recipients will notice about your message. You’ll need to craft a subject line that’s short and concise to immediately grab the attention of the recipient. Great subject lines make subscribers want to read the rest of the email.

Retaining subscribers is another challenge faced with Email marketing. Whats the point of growing your email list if youre also losing subscribers every minute? If you have a bunch of active subscribers, make every effort to keep them and the best way to ensure that your current subscribers continue to subscribe is by sending out relevant emails to the right audience. This means that you’ll have to correctly segment your email subscription list. Using segmentation, you can address the different pain points of various buyer personas.

Low Click-Through Rate is another top email marketing challenge for business owners. Even if recipients open your emails, it doesnt mean theyll read through the entire thing and click on the links inside. If they’re not clicking, you dont have a good chance of converting them into paying customers. Low click-through rates happened most times because youre sending emails too frequently. A research was conducted by The Relevancy Group and LiveClicker, and it was found that high frequency of emails was the biggest reason why consumers disliked getting marketing emails on their phone, hence Low Click-Through rates. See image below;

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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