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Lot of Opportunities Lies in Entrepreneurship – SME of The Month, April

Just when you think being a teacher is limited by the 4 four walls of the classroom, SOJI AUGUSTINE MEGBOWON has proven you wrong by doing more than just being a teacher, but harnessing teaching with technology to eliminate the challenges that is faced with most students today.

Let’s have a chat with Soji, the Ceo and Co-Founder of Calculus EDUaids as he graced our platform as the SME of the month of April 2017.


  1. Can we meet you.

My Name is SOJI AUGUSTINE MEGBOWON (Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs) The CEO and Co-Founder of Calculus EDUaids

  1. Tell us about your Business, how you started and what inspired you to go in that line of business.

Calculus EDUaids is the first learning aids hub in Nigeria that research, design and distribute curriculum based instructional materials to bridge learning gap in the classroom and aid students retention skills.

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The Business started 2015 and officially registered in 2016 with the corporate affairs commission.

The business was inspired by the rate at which learning divide is growing in our classrooms and students failure in both internal and external exams is becoming the music of the day.

So as a teacher I realized the best way to help the situation is to offer a solution that will affect the base of the problem.


  1. What were the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business?

Fund and training, but through the support I got from Tony Elumelu Foundation I was able to get over this to certain levels.

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  1. What is that thing you wish you did differently?

Seeing myself eradicating learning divide in our classrooms.


  1. Who or What is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal?

Sir Tony Elumelu (CON)


  1. What makes you different from your Competitors?

Our product is curriculum based and addresses the problems across all subjects in the curriculum.


  1. Would your Business still be aroundin 5 years? Why do you think so?

Yes, because I have over time built a sustainable brand that will make it stand the test of time.


  1. What does it take to start a Business like yours?

Passion, driven by purpose, tenacious approach and endurance.


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