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How to Get Your Prospects to Open, Read & Respond to Your Mails

Want to get your emails read and returned? Who doesn’t…

Many of us would settle for just getting our emails read!

Let’s face it: prospects get hundreds of emails per week and there is a slim chance they are going to read – let alone respond to – an email from you.

Luckily, there are 5 quick secrets to help your emails stand out and give you the best chance of getting them opened,  read and returned. Here’s we go:


Secret #1: Put the prospect’s first name in the subject line

Everyone is drawn to their first name, so if you make your subject line something like:

“John, just left you a VN… ”

Your email will stand out in their inbox and they will open it.


Secret #2: Personalize the first sentence of your email

Draw your prospect’s attention to something current and or that is happening now. This will snap your prospect out of his/her rote reading of emails. Things like:

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“Hope the sun is not telling on you this period”


“I’m sure you’re buried in your new project, so I’ll keep this brief… “

By taking the time to personalize your first sentence, you’ll draw your reader in, and that will give you the best chance to get your email read and responded or returned.

Secret #3: Break your paragraphs up into sentences

Nothing will turn your prospect off more than long, information packed paragraphs.

Their eyes will glaze over!

Break up your sentences into paragraphs if possible to make them easy to read and accessible.

I say no more than 2 sentences per paragraph.

Just like this article is written – easy to read, isn’t it?!

Secret #4: Ask for a return response – whether they are interested or not

Give your prospect a chance to “opt out” of further communication with you.

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Thank them in advance for their consideration and ask them to let you know if they’re interested or not.

And let them know you’ll remove their name if they aren’t.

Special Hint: Also give them the option of referring you to the right department or another person who might be more appropriate. This also gives them an out – and you an in.

Secret #5: Promise to follow up by phone if they don’t respond

Let them know that you understand they are busy, and that out of consideration if you don’t hear from them you’ll follow up with a call in a day or two.

This really increases your response rate, and don’t be unhappy if they ask to “op-out.” Those prospects who do, have just disqualified themselves and saved you a ton of time.

Try implementing these 5 secrets today and watch as your emails suddenly become relevant again.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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