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EXPORT BUSINESS: Top ten agricultural exports from Nigeria

Latest data from theNational Bureau of Statisticslist cashew nuts as the top of the most exported agricultural products in Nigeria for the second quarter of 2017.


This was contained in the second quarter Foreign Trade Report released by the statistics bureau. According to the data, a total of about N3.1 trillion in the second quarter of this year compared to about N1.78 trillion in the corresponding period of last year. Total exports for the first quarter was about N3 trillion.


In terms of Agricultural products, Nigeria reported a total export of about N29.7 billion compared to imports of N232.1 billion. Agricultural exports for the first quarter of the year was about N30 billion.

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Top Agricultural Exports

According to the NBS data,Cashew Nuts, in shellwas the top exports for the quarter with about N13.5 billion or 45% of total exports. Next wasSeasum seedswith about N7 billion in exports or 23.6% of total exports.Frozen shrimps and prawnscame third with about N2.8 billion or 9.6% of total agricultural exports.Flour and meals of Soya beanhad an export value of N2.3 billion or 7.8% of total rounding up the list of top agricultural exports valued at N1 billion and above. The rest were valued at less than N1 billion.

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Export from Nigeria

Agricultural Products Value(N)
Cashew nuts, in shell 13,527.27
Sesamum seeds, whether or not broken 7,024.29
Frozen shrimps and prawns 2,838.49
Flour and meals of Soya bean 2,316.55
Ginger 663.70
Other cut flowers & flower buds of kind suitable ornamental purposes fresh,dried,dyed 568.45
Other milk and cream powder 282.40
Peas (pisum sativum), fresh or chilled



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