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Experts Charge Governments to Make Agriculture Attractive

Experts in the agricultural sector have called on governments at all levels to make agriculture attractive to the youths, even as they charge the youths to embrace agriculture.

The experts who spoke at the Vanguard Agribusiness and Food security summit 2022 yesterday, with the theme: “Enhancing Nigeria’s food security in a changing climate and digital technology environment” noted that youths have not been showing presence in the agricultural sector because of the un-attractiveness of the sector.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of Voriancoreli, Mr. Bolaji Akinboro, appealed to Nigerian youths to go into agribusiness.

According to Akinboro, youths do not show presence in the agribusiness in the country.

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He decried the attitude of Nigerian youths towards agribusiness, noting that the age range of farmers in agribusiness in Nigeria is 50 and above.

Speaking on the way forward, Akinboro stated that Nigerian government should go back to the grass-root and sensitise the younger generations on the need and importance of agribusiness in Nigeria.

He noted that government and the private sectors have important roles to play, adding “These two must marry each other and put in measures to increase the agric sector in Nigeria”.

Also speaking, President of Nigeria AgriBusiness Group, NABG, Dr Emmanuel Itoya Ijewere advised Nigerian parents, stakeholders and agriculturists, to stop forcing youths to join agribusiness.

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Ijewere frowned at the rate at which youths are forced to join agribusiness.

He said: “Don’t force youths to join agric business, make it attractive for them. Make it sexy. Agric should be demand driven.”

Speaking on Nigerian youths and choice of jobs, the NABG president opined: “When you ask any youth of about 26 years old what he wants to do, his answer will surprise you.

“Most of them will say, I want to travel outside the country or do internet stuff.” He called on the government and stakeholders to make Agriculture attractive for Nigerian youths.

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