Deep Secret of Life!

deep secret of life

This is the biggest SECRET to life. Sadly very few people live by this principle.

This is the secret to an extraordinarily ABUNDANT life… It’s very simple:

  • If you want friendship: You’ve got to first give friendship.
  • If you want respect: You’ve got first to give respect.
  • If you want energy: You’ve got to give energy (exercise).
  • If you want love: You’ve first got to give love.
  • If you want happiness: You’ve first got to give happiness.
  • If you want money: You’ve first got to give VALUE.

Never forget this powerful principle of life:

The more we GIVE, the more we’ll receive.

Somewhere hidden inside this wisdom hides the secret to human happiness and fulfillment.

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Selfishness is taking over our world and it doesn’t work!

Try giving first, you’ll be amazed!

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