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Avoid Making These Mistakes As Your Business Grows…

As your business grows, pay extra attention.

For example, do not just glance through documents and append your signature on the dotted lines.

Read through carefully.

Understand what you are signing to.

Delay your signature if you have to.

Get your lawyers to interpret things.

Don’t attend vital meetings alone.

If you can, get a secretary to write during the meetings or when you are done, ask for the transcripts.

If it is a business dealing, let there be a trace of documents and not just a handshake and oral chats.

Even if someone calls you on the phone to discuss and close a business, learn to ask for exchange of mails.

It allows you to have reference if anything goes wrong.

Keep your mail trails in tact.

Never delete them, even when the deal is done or not.

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Instead, use your Archive Tool to store them.

Don’t just put your name or face on every poster, billboard, or product out there without due diligence.

Don’t accept all speaking engagements.

My staff will tell you I turn down more speaking engagements than I accept.

It helps me to concentrate my energy.

Maybe that can work for you too.

Avoid certain places, ignore certain topics, and stay away from certain folks that sap you of productivity 

Don’t jump on every partnership, either.

Some people that approach you for collaboration are seeking to shine by hiding their incompetence on you.

Be careful with your social media inboxes.

A lot of things can go wrong in there.

When you are angry, do not type.

Call instead, if you can.

Not every media invitation you should accept.

Learn to turn down some.

Even when you speak to the media, never share everything about your business.

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Sometime ago, a certain TV station ran a documentary on my team and in the process, I was interviewed.

One of the questions the presenter asked me on air bothered on our proprietary systems and procedures.

I didn’t hesitate to tell her straight up on air that sorry, I won’t answer that question.

She was surprised at my bluntness.

But I was clear on what I was there to say and not say.

See, if you really want to build a truly big business tomorrow, don’t be careless or tactless with today.

Stay guarded in your words and actions.

Being careful and wise sometimes may appear to others like you’re being paranoid but that’s not the case

Just stay focused and be very detailed.

That’s what your job requires.

By Chinonso Ogbogu 

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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