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8 Profitable Marketing Angles You Should Be Shooting At!

1. Playing to insecurities

Poking and prodding at your market’s insecurities to inspire pain and negative emotions, then positioning your product as the solution to relieving this pain is one of the top notch angles you should be shooting at.

2. Challenging identity

Works very well in hyper passionate markets where inclusion in the in-group is highly desired (sports fans, politics, religion, etc). Challenge your market by implying NOT owning your product means they aren’t a “true fan.”

3. Playing to status

Position your product as the “ultimate,” as a status symbol (e.g. Louis V, Ferrari, etc). Then sell the lifestyle associated with that status, not the product itself. Imply the fact that it will increase their status, and NOT having it will totally degrade their status.

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4. Selling the relief of pain

Works well in markets with severe problems (any type of physical pain, health problems, etc). Focus almost entirely on their pain itself (not solution), agitate it, and make them FEEL it, then plug your product as solution to relieving it.

5. Playing to ego

Similar to status. Focus on what your market desires to appear as, not what they actually are, what they think they are and want to be. Align your product with the idea of their “ideal self.”

6. Playing to the desire to stand out

Works well for accessories and stuff like that. Position your product as something that only the coolest, edgiest, and most unique people have. Align it with this identity, then sell it as the way to achieve said identity.

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7. Playing to fear

Presidential campaigns are great example of this. Viscerally demonstrate the negative things that happen without your product. Create a vision of them. Make your market FEEL them. Then sell your product as the way to avoid whatever it is they fear most.

8. Playing to social biases

Similar to insecurities. Emphasize the “what other people think about you” angle. Associate not having your product with getting judged by other people negatively and vice versa. Position your product as something that will get compliments, etc.

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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