How Does Life Change as an Entrepreneur?

how does life change as an entrepreneur

Most modern cars are designed to go fast!

Even an average family car can easily go over 200 kph (120 mph).

Ironically, our road signs limit the potential of our car:

In the same way, our world treats us like cars on ‘roads’ full of LIMITATIONS.

From birth, we’re instructed to LIMIT ourselves:

  • “Don’t touch that!”
  • “Don’t go there!”
  • “Don’t eat!”
  • “Don’t talk!”
  • “Don’t run!”
  • “Don’t enter!”
  • “Don’t break any rules!”
  • “Don’t go fast!”

So, to answer the question, how does life change as an entrepreneur?

When you are an entrepreneur, you begin to see life as the German Autobahn:

The roads are open — THERE’S NO SPEED LIMIT!

The entrepreneurial life has NO speed limits — entrepreneurship offers so much leverage and freedom that you can go as fast and as far as your ‘car’ can go!

Nobody can impose any limits on you!

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Living your entrepreneurial life without limits is living life to your fullest potential!

When you live without limits, you’ll be surprised by what you were designed and capable of doing!

A job controls what you do because it’s limited by your job description.

Your value is limited by what the job description pays for your time.

Your prosperity is in the VALUE you deliver to the world.

Are you ready to deliver what you were born to do?

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