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Understanding How Sales Funnel Works – the easy way


Today I want to explain to you how sales funnel works in the simplest way you can understand.

And I’ll be using a simple illustration you are familiar with for a better understanding.

Before then, let me define a sales funnel.

Many of us don’t even know what sales funnel is, all we know is that we were taught to sell with WhatsApp, and that is why we can’t differentiate between our WhatsApp sales funnel and a causal WhatsApp account.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is an automated sequence of processes, engineered to guide your traffic through the buyers’ journey; that is, from a stranger to a customer.

A typical representation of a Sales Funnel

How does a sales funnel works?

Now at this point I’m going to use something you are familiar with to illustrate how sales funnel works so you can have a better understand.

Here it goes.

A pastor wanted to increase his church members so as to increase the revenue income of the church from tithes and offerings.

Then he decided to host a 3-day revival at his church premises, where he will do some deliverance to people with physical and spiritual problems.

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A date was fixed and the venue was the church premises.

Two days to the revival day, the church women and the youths went all out for rally, telling people about the revival and sharing flyers about the revival to the people.

There was an announcement about the revival on the radio.

The day arrived for the 3 days revival program and so many people came around.

• Some were Christians who were looking for a good church to worship God.

• Another set were Christians who came because they had one spiritual problem or the other (lack of child, no job, health problem, marital problem, e.t.c )

• Others were from other religions who also came to witness the power of God in their lives and to receive deliverance from God.

Then the program began, the pastor preached the gospel and so many lives were touched.

The program came to an end with a great impact on people’s lives.

After the program there were new members in the church.

Then the pastor continue to preach the gospel to them on Sunday and bible study during the week.

He was getting increase in the church’s tithes and offerings every Sunday.

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Now, how does this define how a sales funnel works?

You are the Pastor

The 3 days revival is your “LEAD MAGNET

Your WHATSAPP is the church premises

The women and youths rally is the “ORGANIC TRAFFIC

The radio announcement is the “PAID TRAFFIC

people from other religions are the “COLD AUDIENCE

Christians who came because of a problem are the “WARM AUDIENCE

Christians who were looking for a good church to worship God are the “HOT AUDIENCE

 The Sundays and Mid-week preaching of the gospel is the VALUE you are constantly giving

 New church members are your NEW CONVERTED LEADS

The tithes and offerings are your RETURN ON INVESTMENT

Sunday sermon and bible study also severs as the FOLLOW UP

That’s it!

How simple to understand was that?

I believe you now understand the whole process of a perfect sales funnel and how important every part of the funnel is.

Originally written by Joseph A. Adeokun, modified by A.T



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