Some Psychological Tricks Supermarkets Use To Increase Their Sales

tricks to psychological get customers to buy more in supermarkets

3 very common tricks that you’ll see in most supermarkets, they use it to get customers to buy more. They are:

  1. Placing bread at the back of the store: you have experienced this before right? Most people buy bread as part of their grocery shopping. Putting it at the back of the store forces you to walk through many other aisles/products, increasing the chances to buy things you didn’t need. That is a great strategy, right..

2. Putting a coffee shop at the entrance: the smell of freshly roasted coffee is very powerful and lures people into a store. In a similar way, most department stores place their perfume counters at the entrance, to leverage the powerful scents as a hook to lure people in.

3. Promotions and discounts at the edge of the aisle: placing special offers at the edge of the aisle means that more people will be exposed to them. The biggest promotions are always at the edge of the aisles so everyone can see them, even if they don’t walk through a specific aisle.

4. Let’s add one more; Snacks/chocolate tray at the checkout: this is a strategy to make customers pick at least a snack or chocolate when trying to checkout. In some, you’ll also notice they put c*ndom packs – this is a strategy for those who are shy, to stylishly purchase them without other persons seeing them (they just pick it right there at the checkout stand and pocket it, lolz, you’re smiling, guess you’ve done it before, right? 🙂 )

These are the ones that came to my mind but would love to grow the list. If you have other suggestions, please drop it in the comment box below.

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