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20 Content Creation Ideas for Real Estate Consultants, Realtors and Agents – Emeka Nobis

Whenever I listen to realtors or real estate agents on radio advertising their properties, it’s quite sad how they come off like hustlers. It’s always about pitching two things. 

– Cheapness. 

– Scarcity. 

It feels they reel out rehashed and rehearsed lines in the studio just the same way others who go there do. With content marketing, it’s beyond those. Your real estate brand thrives using content marketing in the following ways. 

– Brand reach. 

– Brand appreciation. 

– Brand engagement.

– Brand purchases 

– Brand loyalty.

– Brand community. 

Many realtors always focus on the purchases. They love the whambam approach to marketing so they can quickly collect cash. Banish that style. 

As the Brand Ambassador at Bamboo Real Estate limited, Port Harcourt’s finest real estate company, I’ve enjoyed the awesomeness of great content. You should check out our page. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Give a quote that’s emotional. There are lots you can come up with, depending on what you’re selling. 

– Land never depreciates. 

– Being your own landlord is a sleep booster. 

– Kings visit mansions, not ghettos. 

– Don’t spend your pension on paying rent. Build now!

– Don’t end up in a foster home when you can enjoy your own home in your old age. 

2. Provide information about your company – the vision, mission, futuristic plans, and the story behind the drive. People want to know history. History aids believability and trust. 

3. Showcase your company’s mentions in the press. It could be blog posts or traditional newspaper. 

4. Share customer reviews of your properties. 

5. Tell us about the legal organization backing your transactions. You know how these investment companies paste the logos of their insurers on the website? That’s because the presence of legal entities gives people peace of mind. 

6. Show pictures of bulldozers and machinery doing work on site. Short clips of such shows developmental stages that make people believe. 

7. People are afraid of buying lands and having squabbles with the infamous area boys. Share with us your process of land acquisitions and all you’re doing to make sure your clients aren’t in direct relationship with the natives who grab lands. 

8. Do a collage video of clients who have bought from you. 10 of such clients speaking for about 30 seconds each can give you a video collage that engenders trust. People want to know that others have bought. 

You can ask your clients to send in clips using their smartphones that you can professional cobble together or you can take a week to arrange with clients in the same city, visit their homes or offices with a professional camera to record them. You can run ads to the video and direct viewers to the website of the company. 

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9. Get an old man and an old woman, sit them on reclining chairs, give the man a newspaper to read while you place a tray of biscuits and wine in front of them. They should be backing a duplex or mansion. 

A sentence like “It doesn’t pay you to retire and still be living in a rented apartment and paying your landlord your pension. Let’s secure your future now” can be a beautiful caption for such. You’ll be targeting working class people who need to think about their future. 

10. Hire a drone and let the drone do an overview of your properties or land. People outside of Nigeria who wish to buy want to see something visual and have a feel of what you’re offering. 

11. Teach. Teach. Teach. There are lots to teach. 

Teach us how to know fake properties. 

Teach us how to know hotspots where we shouldn’t buy land. Teach us where to go to buy emerging estates. 

Teach how to know areas that will be flooded. 

Teach us how to buy on a budget. 

Teach how the young ones can start prepping to own properties. Teach us the sweetness of the money from real estate investments. 

From your heart, teach us. Do NOT be fringe with it, but show that you deeply care. Teaching makes people believe you care and love them enough to help them. 

When it comes to teaching on real estate, I love what Mercy Okeke and Lerato Lekena-Okoro are doing. Absolutely amazing and beautiful ladies. Follow them and learn. 

12. Show us how you take your prospects to site. Do you buy them water or soft drinks to chill them on the road? What’s the car you use to convey them? We need to see that you care for prospects. 

13. This is obvious, but video recording of you showing us around the property and telling us in exquisite details the benefits of buying the house, is an amazing content. Learn how to speak in front of camera and explain things. 

14. Show us snapshots of payments that clients have made. Yes, we know people fake alerts, but show us all the same. It proves that people are actually buying from your company. 

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15. Utilize abstracts. It’s not every time you’re showing houses or lands. Use abstracts – stems of flowers, a scoop of soil, your shoes stepping on the ground, lights, padlocks, exhaust pipes, chimneys. Do giveaways from time to time to make the brand known. With 100K you can achieve some noise online that ranks in your favor. 

16. Pay influencers to put you in the news from time to time. It may not necessary be for making sales, but to stir conversations about your brand. An influencer and another influencer can take it up like a conversation between them and this can rank in your company’s favor. 

17. Do a video to demonstrate the goodness of the topography during rainy season. We need to see the area is not waterlogged. Make sure that the video captures you in the rain. It’s a proof that you’re there and we can see the effects. 

18. You’re human, so show us how you relax during the weekend. If you use one of your houses to relax, show us. If you believe in the awesomeness of your own apartments, then it’s believable. You see how Donald Trump uses his own hotels for his getaways?  You get it now. 

19. Show us your office’s internal workings – staff at work, meetings in progress, masterpiece designs on the wall, prototypes of your estates on the table and lots more. 

20. Share with us your experiences. Tell us how a prospect took you to 20 houses, asked a million questions, but never bought. Tell us how a prospect got inbox, asked two questions only and bought a property worth N15M. Tell us how you escaped area boys when you went to check out a property. Tell us how you caught a girl and a boy having sex in the building you’re showing a client. Stories are sweet to the ears. Tell us. 

I hope this makes sense. 

Finally, develop of system to collect leads. I have a lead collection strategy where people see my ad, click the link, land on my WhatsApp and they automatically download our brochure. From there, I can follow them up via emails or WhatsApp chats/broadcasts. I’d have loved to post the link, but I don’t want people who aren’t prospects filling my list, but you need to design this and it helps you collect leads you can follow up on. 

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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