SME Digest is Google’s No 1 Business Blog in Nigeria

SME Digest no 1 Business Blog Nigeria Google

No, this claim is not from us but right from google as you can see in the screenshot below.

With over 28,000+ in SME database and 4 years (as at when this was written) in consistent knowledge driven and News content for small business owners, no doubt, we are worth the rating and deserve the pat at the back 🙂

But still on that, we are just getting started in driving more valuable content that will help SMEs grow.

In the past years, we have not just created the best business blog in Nigeria, but also organised the best SME events with huge turn-up of SMEs; watch videos below.

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We are also on radio – the SME Digest Radio show which is currently airing on Inspiration 92.3fm. It is by far the most listened and call-in participating business show on radio. You can get a glimpse of the show here

In couple of weeks or months from now, SME Digest will be hosting SME Loc8 – a platform where SMEs can now host their businesses and be located by their close-by customers; I mean, that is a great leap for businesses out there.

Couple of other great stuff in the pipeline for SMEs.

We love SMEs, and are dedicated to the growth of small businesses as they are the engine block of any economy globally.

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We are also opened to partnerships and sponsorships on our various platforms. You can reach us here.

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