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As a job seeker in Nigeria, you will observe that there are more job vacancies accessible for the new-comers (fresh graduates) as compared to experienced individuals. Browsing through top job portals in the country, you will even find out that top companies in the telecommunication industry, and banking sector and even at federal government parastatal have a lot more vacant position for the new graduates and hire them more compared to the experienced applicants. The only thing that is more important to an organisation is profit. Below are the five the reason why TOP companies go for new graduates over experienced professionals.

Lowering costs: This is one of the most important reasons why a majority of the organisations recruit new graduates. On a standard, new graduates cost about 25-50 percentage less than a professional when it comes salary aspect. I am not stating that they hire these people merely because they are very cheap; there are also several further cost advantages for recruiting fresh graduates. For instance, the organisation do not need to invest lots of money in the talent search training program. The company might partner with a few of the nearby universities in their locations, and take advantage of their career centre, which they will be more than thrilled to discover a talent match. Or perhaps they may participate in Career Fairs of a couple of schools and interview individuals right there. It could also reduce all the travelling and also accommodation expenses, that the company might find herself covering the bill for inviting an experienced person for a job interview. Some top enterprises in the country pay a candidates transport fare and accommodation during the period of the meeting.

New graduates are easy to train: Just imagine, employing an experienced professional, who seems to provide you all the solutions that you need. However, have you taken into consideration the cost of having to reteach the individual your company’s culture or tradition? Due to the fact the person is has been working earlier on, he or she would be on familiar terms with the tradition of the previous organisation that he or she worked. Therefore, before possibly coaching him or her your culture, you have to ensure that the individual forgets a couple of the aspects of his or her old culture, and dwells in with the current culture. However, if you employ a fresh graduate then you certainly do not need to reteach him or her anything about tradition or culture of the company. He will simply learn from the starting and grow with your organisation. It is just like writing something on an empty white coloured board; you can write anything without rubbing off any past write-ups. Hence, except if you are trying to find an experienced individual from a different company to come around and alter your current team dynamics as well as your current work practices, It is suggested the company recruits someone new. New graduates can adapt to any corporate culture quickly and also different working styles.

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Specialisation: The Organization can take a new graduate without any particular prior work experience and make him or her an expert and not having to pay for all the other skills and expertise that does not apply to their demands. In some instances, you do not want an individual with fifteen years of experience and understands seven languages. You only want someone who can develop a mobile application that won’t crash and corrupted with bugs. It is less expensive to simply train an individual on UI design and pay the person exclusively for that skill instead of a jack-of-all-trades.

A Strong Hanker for Knowledge: Fresh graduates in many cases are desperate to learn and also highly motivated to prove themselves. When presented a task, they deal with it straight away and seriously. They are not reluctant to respond to questions and look for answers because, in university, these folks were trained to be open to learning even on things outside of their proficiency, their minds and thoughts are still very fresh.

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A Possible Opportunity to Engage Future Leaders: LinkedIn reveals that over 38 million students, as well as recent college or university graduates, are the professional network’s fastest-growing population. These are the future leaders, as a matter of fact. Smart organisations understand they need to capture these people ahead of time to be able to secure their position within the Company as they grow and progress in their careers, thereby not needing to employ an experienced personnel in future that might cost them a fortune.


While fresh graduates have undergone internships, they have yet been inculcating into the corporate world. Their minds are sharp, therefore, can bring a whole new viewpoint to your company. That is the reason a Web Application Development Company recruited fifty new graduates and also ten experienced professionals in the Year 2015 and then generated USD 22.3 million. The majority of institutions give emphasis to, on the significance of innovation, which of these graduates brings along. New graduates may also be able to point out faults which present employees might not notice, being so accustomed to the workplace. It’s time to begin engaging with these new graduates and hiring them. While there are available placements in a particular job advertisement that says fresh graduates won’t cut it, there are numerous conditions that are ideal for new talent. Thus, do not lose out on employing tomorrow’s leaders today.

Ukwadia Matthew is a graduate from Houdegbe North American University, Benin republic, holds Bsc in Management Info System. An entrepreneur and an online freelancer, covering content/ article writing, building of dynamic website/blog with wordpress and also designs business cards. 08069667420. Email: [email protected]


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