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How I am Building Audience That Buys From Me – Emeka Nobis

I had earlier established that without an audience, there’s nobody to sell anything to earn. 

Let me share with you how I am building that audience.

1. Establish what you want. At the beginning, I’d established that I don’t want “jonsing” people as my audience. I’m not a tatafo peddler, so my page isn’t where people come to learn the happening tats and tits – whose son was called by one who snatched husband or whose nyash was showing while the side chick took picture. I’m a mix of clean humour and sagely disposition. I want those kinds of people yearning for mental development, clean humour about life and penchant for intellectual rigors. Jonsing people loaf around and they’re the type who tell you “I don’t read long posts.” They lack appetite for such. I don’t need them. 

You gotta decide yours!

2. I have an addiction. That addiction is that at least 5 new people should know who Emeka Nobis is. It’s an addiction that fuels and pushes me daily to rise. 

3. I rise daily to give immense value that transforms minds, builds businesses, and raise transcendental humans. It’s an urge, it’s a mission, it’s a journey. Giving immense value establishes you as an expert, creates a cycle of trust, and elicits that human desire to want to give back for having been given. What this does is also make you live like an ocean whose vastness can’t exhausted. 

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As you create those remarkable content, people share and draw others like them to the stables of your blessedness. The audience keeps growing. 

Are you rising to give value here or are you hiding your light? Are you feeling that you’re giving away too much and hiding things selfishly? 

4. I attract the audience I want by giving away the resources and tools that build them. By clicking a link on my landing page, you’ll receive 7 FREE remarkable resources that aid people build their platforms, speak with power and understand how to earn. I consistently give out the link at speaking events, emails, WhatsApp status, and any platform I get across to. As people click, they’re routed to my platforms- Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The process is fully automated. If you’d like to receive those 7 resources, do let me know. 

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5. I utilise other influencers to talk about my brand. In choosing those influencers, I make sure they’re in alignment with my brand values. It’s not just enough to believe someone is an influencer, but to understand how they’ve built their audiences and the quality of their audience.

It’s not just enough to have a crowd of followers, but I make sure that the crowd believes in what I have to offer and are willing and able to pay. I’d once paid an influencer that had 60K followers, but I didn’t make a single sale of a 1K product. It was appalling. His followers, I later discovered, loved the tatafo kinda stuff. My product was alien to them. 

6. I utilise collaborative intelligence. In my corner are men and women with whom I collaborate to grow. They have my progress at heart as well as I have theirs. By their efforts, my own audience grows. 



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