Monday, June 24, 2024


This morning I received a call from a friend while I was working on an email on my laptop when one of my kids walked into my home office asking for my attention.

Dad, Dad, I need your help with …”

I lost him.

My attention switched to my friend who was talking to me on my phone.

What do you think?” my friend asked.

This happened simultaneously while I was trying to finish my email.

My brain went dead.

Have you ever noticed how a camera lens struggles to focus when moved from one point to another?

Even the best cameras on the market don’t focus immediately. If we keep switching the focus point from position to position repeatedly, the quality of the pictures get compromised.

The only way to take a focused picture is to pause then take the picture before moving to the next point.

In today’s world, we all want to get more things done in the shortest amount of time.

Unfortunately, multitasking doesn’t work. Our brain can only focus on one important task at a time, and usually, such functions demand the full extent of our mental abilities.

Doing things slowly was way better than how they’re done in today’s stressful, fast-paced world.

For me, I’d rather do business the old-fashioned way, one thing at a time.



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